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February, 2013
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  • Back Pain 2

    “After many months of seeing other doctors and having many different tests, I finally found some relief at Tru. They have a very helpful and knowledgeable staff.  In my case, it will still take awhile to get to 100%, but I feel this is the place that will help me the most.”



  • Back Pain 1

    “I had 25 years of pain in my upper back and 15 years of pain in my lower back.  Drugs and other therapy never helped. No one would listen to me! Finally! I came here and in 8 weeks my upper back pain went from a 10 to a 2. My lower back from a 10 to 0!  Also, as an added perk I’ve lost 6 pounds in the 8 week period I’ve been at Tru."


  • Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

    "Since coming to Tru, my life has been turned upside down.  I have had a wonderful treatment experiences.  The staff has gone beyond the call of duty to make me feel comfortable and get me to feeling better.  Thank you, Tru!”



  • Elbow Injury, Carpal Tunnel

    “Consistent professional Physical Therapists providing courteous work.  They found another issue in my neck which the initial ortho doctor did not. Tru staff are thorough professional decent folks.”



  • Lower Back, Leg Problem

    “I started out with major leg pain, difficulty getting in and out of cars and now am much stronger and have little or no pain.”





  • Back Pain 3

    “With treatment and physical therapy I am on my way to recovery.”



  • Back Pain 4

    “No more pain, can walk and bend again, staff very professional.”




  • Shoulder & Back Pain

    “I was having shoulder, neck and upper back pain.  I fell into a wall initially in February and hurt my arm, foot and back.

    I have improved since starting with Tru.  I like the exercises, they help relieve my pain.  A big thanks to all the doctors who have worked on me!”



  • Lower Back and Neck Pain

    “Decreased my lower back pain and significantly improved my neck pain and neck range of motion.


    Also gave me the opportunity to meet excellent professionals that work here.  Thank you!”






  • Fibromyalgia-1

    "I was having chronic aches and pains in most of my body.  For the past thirteen years I was having pain and it was getting worse.

    Since coming to Tru Rehabilitation, working is easier.  I no longer have the migraine and tension headaches I used to have five days a week.”



  • Shoulder and Arm Pain

    “Helped relieve some of the pain and other things.”





  • Post Sprained Wrist

    “Helped decrease the pain, facilitated more movement, helped to increase the use of my wrist by increasing the strength."



  • Fibromyalgia and Lower Back Pain

    “I started Tru Rehabilitation in March for Fibromyalgia and lower back pain.  When I started Tru, I could not ride the bike or walk the treadmill.

    Now I can do what they ask with very little pain.  To this day I am still in physical therapy and getting stronger.  Thank you!”



  • Fibromyalgia and Bulging Disks

    “I went from being someone who could barely turn my head with constant headaches to being quite mobile.  They continue to help me so I can continue living an active life.  Thank you!”



  • Neuropathy and Numbness and Tingling

    “The clinic has restored feeling to my hands and is currently restoring feeling to my feet and ankles.  It is about 45% completed.  I have also regained some of my balance.”








  • Numbness and Tingling in Arms

    "For the past few years, my hands would fall asleep while I was riding my motorcycle.  It became progressively worse and my hands would fall asleep during work and at night.


    Sometimes the pain would be very intense.  Since coming to Tru Rehab, my hands are not becoming numb as often and the pain is not as intense as before.”



  • Neck and Back, Shoulder and Leg Pain

    “I had been having leg, shoulder, neck and back pain because of complications with Gastric Bypass surgery.

    Since coming to Tru Rehabilitation I have more energy, minimal to no neck and back pain.  I feel stronger than when I began and can walk more without being in pain.”

    - Vicky-


  • Right Shoulder and Arm Pain

    “Lowered pain and increased range of motion.  I am able to function better.”

    - Lucille-


  • Neck and Lower Back

    “After only six visits, my constant daily pain in my neck has all but disappeared, and the lower back pain has followed suit.

    I would like to thank you many times over for the relief I never thought possible!”

    - Karen-